Chessumo is a small game of chess, designed for one player.

In Chessumo, you play the role of both player and opponent as you push your own pieces around the board. The trick of the game is to knock those pieces off, netting you points and new pieces to play with.


I first came up with this little idea in 2014, messing around with my roommate's chess set in my first apartment. I cannot say I've been working on this game for four years, though. In reality, Chessumo took me an aggregate three to four months to complete. Development time was spread out over a long period. I took on other work here and there.

My goal was to come up with a small, finishable idea that would neither break the bank nor take up too much unnecessary time. By this metric, I am successful. This was a fulfilling, worthwhile thing to spend time making. Thanks to everyone who helped me test it over the years.


Press and Team

NO PRESS YET!!!! :')

Chessumo was designed, coded, and scored by Murray Campbell.